Surgical Log


  • Have managed successfully.
  • Massive poly trauma including complex pelvic injuries , spinal injuries and thoracic injuries.
  • Injuries to the Skeletal System involving the use of external fixators, plate fixation, dosed interlocking nails, hydrid fixations for open, comminuted fractures.
  • All Skeletal injuries were managed in accordance with the protocol laid down by A.O.System (SWISS).
  • Have also managed complex hand injuries involving multiple tendm repair and primary nerve repair.
  • Limited experience with nerve grafting techniques.


  • Wide and sound experience in the management of :
  • Delayed dialocations
  • Recurrent dislocations
  • Malunion of long bones
  • Nonunion inclusive of infected nonunion
  • Pathological


  • Have been doing knee arthroscopy (diagnostic) since 1985 and (surgical) form 1992.
  • Am at present undergoing training for shoulder arthroscopy.


  • Have experience in KNEE & HIP REPLACEMENT ARTHROPLASTY since 1988. Limited experience with Shoulder hemiarthoplasty.


  • Since 1992 have been specially interested in Paediatric Orthopaedics and have undertaken corrective surgery for CTEV, D.D.H, SCFE, PERTHES, and CEREBRAL PALSY.

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